You might be destroying our planet without even knowing it. Our planet is dying and needs our help. Seas and oceans are filled with plastic. Soon enough there won’t be any forests and water we drink might be toxic and poisonous. The land is full of rubbish and in a couple of hundred years we are going to start dying because the air is toxic. 

Don’t get me started on how many animals are dying (especially turtles and other sea creatures). We are practically killing ourselves. You might have some everyday habits that pollute the environment without even knowing it. One example is when you eat Nutella. Nutella contains palm oil and there is this special breed of orangutans that only live on that type of palm trees. To make one jar of Nutella you cut down at least two palm trees. And just think about how many Nutella jars you see in only one store. Scientists say that if we keep making Nutella, in about 20 years orangutans will be extinct! There are many other ways you pollute the planet without knowing. The worst of all is that only volunteers try to save and clean the planet. I don’t know how Earth got into such a bad condition, but I know that it isn’t going to get out of it any time soon. I think that volunteering shouldn’t be an option, it should be designated by law. Every person has to clean their city for at least an hour a day. And people who refuse to do so and throw away garbage should be punished. It isn’t only humans’ fault that our planet got into this position. It’s also all the wars, climate change and especially our 21st century – the modern century. We try making robots to do things instead of us which only proves how lazy we are. Those electronics release some kind of gases that go into our lungs. I’m not writing about the good smelling ones, I’m talking about toxic and dangerous ones that kill us. 

The planet is going to die in about 7 billion years and we are just speeding up the process of it. I could write about this topic for hours, but there is not enough paper in the world for me to write about all the things that need to be said and heard. About 90% of the people know what is happening to the planet and still decide to do nothing about it. Everything I just wrote only says about today’s society.

                                                                                                          Jana Pavlović, 8.d


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